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Bula Yabru Banam, Festival of Orchestra

Exhilaration was very present in the rhythmic opening of Bulu Yabru Banam, by Grayson Rotumah and Luke Harrald. Featuring yidaki (didjeridu) with Robert Taylor, and a variety of percussion which kept the large percussion section busy under the leadership of Steve Peterka on the Boomerangs, it also included fascinating innovations such as requiring the orchestral players to chant, as well as water percussion making actual water sounds.  Peter Bleby - Australian Stage

The Intensity of Light, Extended Play Festival

"Luke Harrald’s Intensity of Light deploys a recording of the artist Hans Heysen celebrating “the intensity of the light” in Central Australia while fearing it being forgotten. Harrald breaks up and repeats fragments of the tape of Heysen’s warmly resonant eloquence to suggest fragility and a sense of loss. It’s eerily evocative..."  Keith Gallasch - RealTime Online

Macau Days, OzAsia Festival

"Luke Harrald's meditative sound installation [Macau Days] is a tape loop of voices reading Castro's poems in Mandarin, Portuguese and English.  Depending on where you stand in the gallery you hear each reader separately and quite distinctly... an immersive and enchanting experience, part history and part magic realism..."  Chris Reid - RealTime Online

Southern Encounter, APRA Art Music Awards

“From sheep dogs and Indigenous choirs to soundscapes and site-specific field recordings, Southern Encounter combined art, culture, community, heritage and landscape with the very best in experimental music and leading artists in this field.  This exceptional regional project engaged with the community on all levels with its extensive collaborations and networking across a vast landscape in regional South Australia.” – APRA/AMCOS

Fr@gm3nT, Tyndall Assembly

"Embracing new media, many cutting-edge composers now regard themselves as sound artists as they harness the whole paraphernalia of computers and electronics in real-time performance, building visionary works into structures that confront and amaze…  Honours went to saxophonist Derek Pascoe and experimental composer Luke Harrald whose [work] Fr@gm3nT involved Pascoe reacting to, and in competition with, Harrald's computer software, resulting in sonic felicities of shape, strength, purpose and some delicacy... A crucible for lateral ideas and a wonderful antidote to endless Mozart” Rodney Smith - The Advertiser

Background: The Intensity of Light, August 2018 at the University of Adelaide with Gabriella Smart.
Photograph by Nic Mollison.
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